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I have found myself lost in this barren desert.
Alone, sadly drifting day to day like dust in
the scorching wind. The wind so hot it dries
my tears instantly. Unable to feel even that
drop of soothing water. Hunger and thirst
follow my every waking moment.
Cast out from my Eden, wandering naked.
Cast out from those verdant valleys and
grand peaks, which rose out from the heartlands.
Those beautiful peaks alike in numerous ways
but ever so different. I remember the sparkling
emeralds and  grey oceans. I knew every stone,
every leaf, and every river.  
I called every stone by their name and silently
they spoke only to me.  Each held a story from
millennia past. One spoke of a wolf which had
found it’s home among the lush forests. Another
spoke of a kind rabbit which hopped along the
twisting paths. Another told a story of an Orchid.
Which grew to enormous heights only to be
plucked untimely.
The leaves were such wonderful coverings for
the tree’s it was
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Winter's Loss
Joseph Roberts stepped outside into the harsh, wintry air and drew a cigarette out of his breast pocket. A wintry slush had begun several moments before and cleared the balcony of guests. It was a cold sunless day. The grey afternoon sky coupled with the winter weather left the country side devoid of color. It was the perfect time for Joseph to smoke. The stress from the day had made him jittery and he needed a few moments to regain an outward calm. Their newest guest had hit a little too close to home. Only a few years his junior, she had been an unwelcome guest. From his position on the upstairs balcony he overlooked the unloading dock. Below him there were several workers welcoming a new guest and the family members who had made the trip to see them off. Unusual but not too unusual some family members wanted to see them off. The group thanked the workers for their assistance and piled into their black journey.
A loud crack split the air as the engine turned over and grey smoke spill
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Homework Pap 12
Homework for PaP 12
When should I love thee or leave thee?
Today? Tomorrow? A spring or winter?
When the flowers cut a last breath of
Euphoria on the air; shadows grow long
On the ground and a chance decision---
Must be made or suffered for an eternity?
Golden ages give way to silver then bronze
However long our penance we are left
Damaged scarred; our once perfect
now broken, scattered for all the ages?
can we be reborn or reshaped? Tarry not.
A lifetime to change back to gold? The
Alchemists quest taken up as our own?
Fie, whilst we gamble our wages build up;
Sins of unerring brilliance which we hold
As our own most perfect autonomy. Thee
A lost  heart’s tribulation?  Traded for a new
momentary titillation. Given to the bronze
wholeheartedly---A sweet flower traded  
for the unfading plastic representation.
Heinous truth give way to sweet lies.
Years left wasted; Pain, anguish,sorrow
the scriveners--- of those lost years.
Are we forgotten? Fie, cries the lost
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By any other name just as sweet by Koijion By any other name just as sweet :iconkoijion:Koijion 0 0
Unfinished chapter 6
        Wesley was sitting in his favorite recliner at the volunteer firehouse, watching the extended edition of The Two towers when a call came in. Immediately refocusing his attention, he rushed to the office. Stacey looked up with a worried look as he entered.
“It’s a residential fire the address is 1005 East Magnolia Lane. A neighbor just reported the fire, they didn’t know if the residents were still inside or not. He said that it looks bad.”  Her face was white as she finished copying down the information. “A mother and her two kids live in the house with her friend.
I know that address, Wesley thought. Slipping out the door quickly his face blanched as he recognized the address. “Stacy, alert everyone who is on duty to report to that address.”  Rushing out the door, he heard the Fire Truck engine revving as he slid down the pole. Looking up, he saw it pulling out of the station and racing off to the scene. &
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I have finally received my studio lighting. The delivery was 2 days late but made it before i had to go into work. All i can say is WOOO!
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Will Cole
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